Thursday, 8 March 2012

bloggie ,你好吗 ?
多天没找你, 对不起 。
最近太忙读书了 ,
因为考试嘛 。

你知道吗 ?
我越来越多烦恼了 。
一个个的朋友离我远了 。
他们都是老朋友 。
我在说‘他’ 。 一个男子 。

actually I miss you so badly .
I miss our memories :'D
do you still remember how sweet we're ?
i dont know how are you now .
nevermind .

even though I miss you so badly ,
but , doesn't mean i want you back in
my life . missing you is just a part
of moving on .
you're just a chapter in the past of
my life .

you're so much better without me .
I'm not deserve to have you .
still lots of things you do not know and you will never know .
you never listen my explanation ,
you just give me a stupid punishment .
and I won't forget that punishment .

I promise .
I haven't and won't forget any of our memories .
actually , I haven't given up hope .
but , I knew no matter how long im waiting for you ,
you'll never back for me . (maybe)
I have to try to move on and try accept that this is
the end of what we had .
I moved on after valentine's day ,
and I've removed you from my Close Friend .
so I will not see your daily activities on facebook .

有些话 , 不用说 ,也明白了 。
必须要我讲真心话你才知道吗 ?
知道你不了解我 ,无所谓 。
我还是依然的爱你 ,
依然关心你 ,
也依然想你 。
有时候 ,说声‘不想了不想了’ 也没那么容易 。
自己最明白自己的心情了 。
看到你好象是喜欢上了另一个‘她’ ,
其实无所谓的 , 我没心痛 。
但我希望‘她’会是一个好孩子 。
不然 ,你会弄我哭到很 badly 。
因为我不想看到你会为第二次的恋爱而哭泣 。
我不想我不想看到 !
爱你很深 , 很深 。难以忘 。
回到过去的时候 ,
才发现 nothing special .
也感觉到 , 我变了很多 。

tomorrow is last exam liao ,
i hope i can pass all subject la .
then , Tasawwur you better kill me tonight la .
im not ready to answer your stupid questions tomorrow :'D

bloggie , good night then .
will find you next time :D

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