Saturday, 3 March 2012

hello bloggie ,
I come and meet you again .
I miss you :D
i wanna tell you something , dear .
when i woke up ,
im crying :'(
because , i miss him so badly .
i remembered our memories ,
and the way he love me , treat me
and never ignore me even though he was busy .
and i miss the way he be honest with me even though its hurt .
i still remember he said with me like this :
'' B , I give you my password la . I want our
relationship without secret . and i wont
delete all my inbox . but you also should do the same thing like me k ?''
and i wanna tell you something about him ,
but i knw i shouldn't tell you here ,
this is my secret .
sorry bloggie .
but i don't know i should tell who if i nobody understand me .
if you bloggie , i can share with you how i feel .
i feel better after i share with you my problem .
but if i share with my friend ,
sometimes they're not really understand me .
i don't know I should tell who lagi .

okay  then .
here I wanna share my friend -sandra's wedding photo .
congratulations , dear :D

 so sweet right ? even very young indeed .

the bride . pretty oh :D

the groom , his smile is very sweet :)

I hope their marriage will be  forever ,
love each other forever ,
happy forever <3

next :D

semalam I ate my favourite grapes , eh enjoy oh .
solo2 ba

and my daddy , mother , aunty , brother .
berabut baaa watermelon .
hahahaha .
watermelon in chinese is ''WO DE MEI REN''(my beauty girl)

alaaa i forgot take gambar jambu baa ,
my brother -yang2 berabis busss ate jambu yesterday .
amoi banyak kalah2 itu pasir .
well , enjoy la yesterday with my family .
show our new hp ,
waaa .
but yesterday my sister not join us oh .
she dating with her laptop baa ,
skype with her new boyfiee , maybe .  HAHAH !
opps , sorry joan . wo ai ni <3

that day my father asked me ,
'' zu mai ngi geh fan an shao oh ? ngi diet he meh ? diet meh an nyong .
sit fan moi an shau , zuo yun dong ru guo ngi oi diet . sapo . ''
(contonesse mix chinese mix hakka)
(means is kenapa nasi kau begitu sikit ? diet ka ?
kalau mau diet bukan begitu , tapi banyak sukan kalau mao diet . sapo )
and my brother also asked me the same question  ,
he asked why my body thin liao ?
hahaharr ,
then , when i take my rice ,
my aunty was shock !
she asked me ,
'' diet bu shi jiang zhi woh Jia Yii . fan jiang shao ? cat's rice meh . ''
when I woke up today ,
my mother also said the same word to me ,
she said my body thin liao .
thin meh ?
looked like a feipo (fat girl) liao lurr .
yeah , i feel my body still same ba .
where got thin .
my family's eyes blind or got any problem  liao shi bu shi ?
buuu , i dont know la .
but be honest la ,
after i break up with him ,
i take my rice so sikit liao .
sikitt la .
can u imagine ?
haharr .
well , i dont like eat so many rice ba .
bikin gemuk .
and to my cousin- joan,
yesterday brother said with me that you
died liao kan ?
till dont wanna eat kan ?
duu , dont like that la .
i teach you la ,
dont eat so many rice .
just eat vegetables(eat more) ,
dont eat so many meat .
kurangkan makanan berminyak ,
and drink more milk .
aits ! diet diet pun , diet la .
but , must eat k !
dont diet till gastrik ah .
i slap your face ohh :P
and now , you're becoming a beauty girl liao lurr .
brother tell mom that you like to makeup when you hangout with your friend .
hahaharr , i like :D
then next time i got a new partner to make up liao .
not solo2 liao :D

today look
hish !
im so sad .
i dont know he spend his time for who .
when he reply my text ,
just a short word , and always late .
i dont know why .
im sorry now i think negative liao .
i think that he got a new scandal ?
or he still text his ex ?
i dont know .
i try my best to dont think too much ,
but i can't  .
every night we on the phone ,
talk together 'till morning .
but now , haih .
when i wait he 'till 12am ,
then suddenly he said he wanna sleep early .
i was so sad , i wait him till 12am oh .
then suddenly he said wanna sleep ?
waaa , ni dan wo shi sapo ah ?
and when we sms ,
he said wanna sleep early because tomorrow he wanna
help his mother .
but today he send a morning text to me ,
then i asked him  '' just woke up ? ''
he said yes and its really make me disapointed !
10 am is early meh ?
7am baru early maa .
i dont know la .
i really dont know what are you thinking right now .
if you got scandal , or you got any problem ,
or you don't love me like yesterday ,
then please tell me the truth .
because i dont like the way i treat myself like this .
you don't ever know what i want .
sometimes i feel that its no fair .the way you treated me with your ex is too different .
its not fair dear .
but nevermind .
im understand .
its okay .
i have to say ,
this is the reason why i cn't love you like i love my ex .
now ,
i feel im too tired and too lazy be with you ,
you never try to understand what i want .
im too lazy text and calling with you .
i hope you dont disturb me after this .
i force myself to treat you now .
i hope you can stop loving me .
because from now i'll stop loving you .

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